Reduce Appointment Cancellations and Increase Productivity

Allow your patients to send themselves a calendar appointment email using our Appointment Kiosk

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comScore found 147.9 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones during September 2013.

All of these smartphone users have online accounts and most choose smartphones to stay in touch with their email and calendars. Give your patients the option, using our kiosk, to quickly convert your appointment card to an email calendar invitation before they misplace the card. Once in their calendars, they get email reminders and notice conflicts in advance preventing last minute cancellations. Reduced cancellations and reminder courtesy calls converts to money saved by increasing your team's productivity.

Convenience for your patients and savings for you 

Just as your office does not use a paper calendar to maintain your appointments, so too more and more of us are relying on our electronic calendars to keep our hectic life scheduled.

Our space saving tablet kiosk sits right on your front desk and allows your patients to send their appointment with you to their calendar via email quickly and conveniently.

Our Appointment Kiosk allows your patients to conveniently convert your paper appointment card to an email calendar appointment invitation to themselves. Appointment Kiosk sends them an email calendar appointment with a 24-hour reminder by guiding the patient through a 4-step appointment wizard:

  • Touch input of the appointment date
  • Touch input of the appointment time
  • Touch typing of the email address
  • Confirmation screen prior to sending out the email.

You can monitor the usage of the kiosk by securely accessing an online calendar which will show the number of invitations sent via the kiosk.


The kiosk does not store or collect any medical information. The only personal information collected is the patient's email which is not stored locally but directly synchronized using Google services. The kiosk cannot be compromised as it is software locked to only run the Appointment application.

If needed, the kiosk can be physically secured to the desk via a security cable. Floor standing kisoks and wall mounted kiosks are also available.

Service Fees

NO CONTRACTS if Wi-Fi Internet access is provided by your office.

$200 - One-time on-site setup and application customization fee

$10 - Equipment rental fee per desktop Kiosk per month (Wi-Fi Internet access provided by doctor’s office)

$30 - Service and support fee per month for the first Kiosk

$10 - Service and support fee per month for other Kiosk installed in the same premise

SAVE $240





Applicable only if Wi-Fi Internet access is provided by your office.

Contact us now for a demonstration. Currently serving Central New Jersey.

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